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Seminar Presentations/Transcripts 2009-2015 (Events for which there were no presentations are not listed - all files are in PDF format)


10 March 2015
Tax and Spend –what are the options for the next Government?

Paul Johnson presentation


25 February 2015
'An education system for everyone – the foundation of a fairer Scotland'

Nicola Sturgeon transcript

18 February 2015
'Scotland's Future - sharing in growth and prosperity'

Jim Murphy MP transcript

21 January 2015
'A Conservative Scotland'

Ruth Davidson MSP transcript

13 January 2014
‘Fairer Society. Stronger Economy. Opportunity for Everyone’

Willie Rennie MSP transcript 


20 Novemver 2014
'Tackling Trends in Inequality – an International Perspective'

Professor Anton Muscatelli's PowerPoint presentation


12 November 2014
'Measuring Wellbeing in Scotland'

Professor Charlie Woods PowerPoint presentation

8 October 2014
'Relations between Holyrood and Westminster—what the Scottish referendum means for the United Kingdom'

Peter Riddell transcript


25 June 2014
'Scotland's Currency Options'

Jeremy Peat

18 March 2014
‘The Challenges Facing the Scottish Energy Industry’

Ian Marchant

27 February 2014
‘Should Scotland have its own immigration policy?’

Professor David Bell, University of Stirling, Professor Allan Findlay & Dr David McCollum, University of St Andrews

This links to all their papers in one place –


The FUS website also has lots of links but not just to their work


13 February 2014
'A Union Revived'

Ruth Davidson MSP Leader Scottish Conservative Party - transcript of talk

4 February 2014
'In Britain. In Europe. In Work'

Willie Rennie Leader Scottish LibDems - transcript of talk

22 January 2014
'The Optimism of Politics'

Johann Lamont MSP Leader Scottish Labour Party - transcript of talk

15 January 2014
'A Choice between two futures - why it is better for all of us if decisions about Scotland are taken in Scotland'

Nicola Sturgeon MSP, Deputy First Minister - transcript of talk


25 November 2013
‘The Evolving Scottish Labour market; how the College sector fits in’

Ewart Keep's presentation slides

Mandy Exley - transcript of talk

19 November 2013
‘The Economics of Constitutional Change - Revisited’

Paul Johnsons presentation slides 

14 November 2013
'What Kind of Supply-Side Policy for the UK? What Implications for Scotland'

Nick Crafts presentation slides

18 September 2013
‘The Outlook for the UK Economy; Can the New Bank Governor Put His Feet up and Await Recovery?’ 

Presentation slides


16 May 2013
'ESRC Conversation 4 “Competition Policy and Regulation:in the context of Constitutional Change in Scotland'

Presentation slides

17 April 2013
‘The UK Economic Outlook’ - Robert Chote

Presentation slides

21 March 2013
'A New Union for Today’s World' - Lord Steel

Transcript of talk

5 March 2013
'Outlook for public finances, public spending and household incomes' - Paul Johnson, IFS

Johnson presentation

12 February 2013
'Implications of limited policy autonomy; lessons from selected small advanced economies' - David Skilling

Transcript on which talk was based

29 January 2013
'Procurement Reform – Which Way Forward for Scotland?'
Geoff Aitkenhead, Asset Management Director Scottish Water; Peter Reekie, Finance Director Scottish Futures Trust; Ken Gillespie, Group Managing Director, Morrison Construction

Aitkenhead presentation

Gillespie presentation

Reekie  - transcript of talk

22 October 2012 - Hume Annual Lecture 2012
‘Instinct or Analysis; options for Scotland’ - Sir Ian Byatt

Draft transcript of talk - to note that a full and final version will be published in due course as a Hume Occasional Paper (HOP)

16 October 2012
'Finance in which people matter' - Professor John Kay

Kay presentation

17 April 2012
‘Is Our Society Inevitable Inequitable?’  - Professor Charles Munn

Munn presentation

8 March 2012
'The Evolution of Equity Markets' - John Kay

N.B. No presentation material available

28 February 2012
‘The UK’s Fiscal Outlookand the Chancellor’s Budget Choices’ - Paul Johnson IFS

Johnson presentation 

2 February 2012
'The Scottish economy; the Global context; and Opportunities presented by Independence' - John Swinney

Transcript of talk
Seminar commentary

14 November 2011
'Financing of Infrastructure in Scotland' - Peter Reekie and Professor Dieter Helm 

Reekie presentation
Reekie - transcript of talk
Helm presentation

8 November 2011
'Public Sector Reform' - Lord Adonis and John Lambert 

N.B. No presentation material available

26 October 2011
Adjusting to the new 'normal' - Danny Gabay and Erik Britton


13 October 2011 (at Holyrood)
Early Years Seminar Report - GGis (Goodison Group in Scotland) and SFF (Scottish Future Forum) in assocaion with DHI 

12 October 2011
'Early Stage Intervention/Early Years' - Professor Ann Buchanan and Professor Susan Deacon

Paper by Professor Ann Buchanan

21 September 2011
'UK Economic Prospects' - Robert Chote


31 August 2011
'Empowering our Nation, Reaching our Potential: the Future of Scottish Devolution' - The Rt Hon Michael Moore MP

Transcript of talk

1 June 2011
'Executive Pay - a career perspective' - Professor Brian Main

Seminar commentary

19 May 2011
The Hume Annual Lecture - The Rt Hon Alistair Darling MP

Audio file
Seminar commentary
Transcript of talk

20 April 2011
‘Journalism in the Age of Disclosure:News, the Media and an Open Society’

N.B. No presentation material available

21 March 2011
"Can “Personalisation” be both effective and efficient?"

Jo Armstrong presentation
Jean Maclennan presentation

1 March 2011
"Scotland in Europe"

Seminar commentary
Sir John Grant transcript of talk

25 October 2010
"The Public Finances and Scotland"

Carl Emmerson (IFS) presentation
Professor David Bell presentation

18 October 2010
"The Economics of Wishful Thinking"

Professor David Blanchflower presentation

11 October 2010
"Funding for Higher Education"

Professor Neil Shephard presentation
Sir Andrew Cubie transcript of talk

11 May 2010
"A Fairer Society and Narrower Health Inequalities"

Sir Michael Marmot presentation

27 April 2010
'Is there a 'new normal' for the European economies?'
Sovereign Debt Problems in Advanced Industrial Countries

Prof Willem Buiter presentation

15 March 2010
"What Role for Mutuals in Scotland's Financial Services?"

Article in Holyrood magazine
Discussion paper by Tony O'Rourke

24 February 2010
"The Future of Equality"

Trevor Phillips transcript of talk

16 February 2010
"Narrow Banking and all that"

John Kay paper

25 November 2009
"The World after the Financial Crisis"

Martin Wolf presentation

3 November 2009
"We are here in a very melancholy Situation" Financial crisis and competition policy

Peter Freeman transcript of talk 

4 September 2009
"Scotland's Constitutional Future"

 Write up of event

18 June 2009
"Back to the drawing board - regulation and macroeconomics after the crisis"

Sir John Gieve presentation
Sir John Gieve transcript of talk

5 May 2009
"China the west and the Credit Crunch"

Seminar commentary - Will Hutton

16 April 2009
"Scotland's Financial Future"

Seminar commentary - John Swinney

23 February 2009
"Local Government in Britain: Has too much reform impeded improvement?"

Professor Alan Alexander presentation
Tony Travers presentation

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